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Qmarkets offers its collective intelligence products in three unique editions, each of which is suited to companies at different stages within their unique innovation journeys. 

Qmarkets' Software Editions

Whether your company is taking its first steps towards developing a business innovation strategy, or looking to utilize a comprehensive solution, we understand that your platform needs to be flexible enough to tackle not just current challenges, but also future ambitions. Each of our editions can support your unique innovation implementation plan and help you bring great ideas to life!

Pre-built with our best practice evaluation process & field-proven at leading companies across the globe

Adjust our best-practice template to fit your unique company processes with our cutting edge self-admin tool

Leverage Qmarkets' professional services to configure a fully comprehensive solution to your exact enterprise-grade needs

Product Editions

A best-practice turnkey solution, perfect for SMEs or enterprises looking to gain the best results from their innovation implementation plan or experiment with crowdsourcing software solutions

Take control and easily fine-tune your system to fit the unique culture and requirements of your business innovation strategy, with our advanced self-admin tool

For companies that need even more control and flexibility, our max edition can be adjusted extensively to support you with scaling innovation, amplifying engagement, custom integration, and more. 

Resounding Accolades

Unmatched Functionality
Fully comprehensive & robust platform

Flexibility À la carte
Perfectly configured to meet your company’s workflows, roles, business culture, etc

Future Ready!
A scalable platform which evolves with your organization

The most powerful idea & innovation management engine on the market: A perfect fit to your demanding enterprise requirements!

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Your Q-360 Suite of Collective Intelligence Solutions

Discover Qmarkets’ next-gen product portfolio, tailored to meet any business need or challenge.

Worried About the Success of Your Innovation Project?

Don’t be! With Qmarkets, you’ll gain the comprehensive training, resources, and support needed to transform great ideas into lucrative results.

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