Crowdsourcing Continuous Improvement Brunch & Learn Atlanta 2019

would like to thank everyone who joined this event, and helped to make it so informative and valuable for everyone involved!

This gathering presented a brilliant opportunity to engage in discussions around the most important challenges faced by business optimization leaders at large organizations. These challenges included those relating to process innovation, performance excellence, waste reduction, LEAN & AGILE methodologies, plus much more. Speakers in attendance included senior leaders from TSYS, Grant Thornton, and Global Foundaries. 

With Qmarkets and Above + Beyond’s combined experience helping hundreds of companies across the globe to deliver outstanding process improvement results, this session imparted truly invaluable insights.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta

TuesdayNovember 5th, 2019

Actionable Innovation Insights


of participants were VP level or above

This exclusive breakfast event, which took plac at the iconic Mercedes-Benz stadium in Atlanta, brought together corporate leaders from a broad array of industries – from fintech, to retail, to energy and transport. The main objective was to empower attendees with effective strategies for overcoming fears associated with crowdsourcing and continuous improvement. The speakers also offered a variety of best practices for optimizing change management and cultivating a thriving culture of innovation. 


Andrew Levison and Sebastian Apelt from Above + Beyond (A + B) consulting began the day’s agenda, showcasing the company’s extensive research on employee engagement and continuous improvement, and shared tips on how corporate leaders could unlock the creative potential of their workforce. Andrew and Sebastian then introduced A + B’s ‘Project WOW’ methodology for developing the potential of employees and gaining more ROI from ideation. Following on from this the team conducted a live workshop of “Project Wow” showcased within Qmarkets’ system, and accessed through the mobile phones of participants.

Implementing Process Improvement

After the workshop, our very own Steve Reed – VP of North American Sales delivered a presentation on how the Qmarkets platform can help facilitate continuous improvement, streamline idea management, and boost employee engagement, with some fascinating best-practices shared from customer projects.

The final session of the day was a Q&A discussion panel, moderated by Steve and featuring a selection of Qmarkets’ most innovative customers. Patty Watson – former Chief Innovation Officer at fintech Giant TSYS – spoke on how Qmarkets and A + B’s Project WOW helped the company generate upwards of 14X ROI. Irene Yang – former Innovation Director at Grant Thornton – and DP Prakash – Head of Innovation at Global Foundries – also shared their insights on crowdsourcing employee wisdom to implement growth-driving ideas. 

The day ended with a buffet brunch and networking session, during which attendees had the opportunity to meet fellow project leaders and share best practices. We would like to thank everyone who took part in this event, and wish them all the best for their future innovation endeavors.

Our Guest Speakers

Patty Watson

Former Chief Information Officer

DP Prakash

Global Head of Innovation

Irene Yang

Former Director of Innovation

Sebastian Apelt

Managing Partner

Andrew Levison

Founder & President

Steve Reed

VP of North American Sales

"The Qmarkets platform makes it easy to run hackathons, tournaments, and multiple innovation campaigns at scale. When embedded within an organization, it enables every brain to be brought into the game to generate value from new ideas. With the Qmarkets platform, leaders can relentlessly drive growth, productivity, and innovation ROI."

Dr. DP Prakash
Global Head of Innovation

Innovation in Action

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