Removing the 10 Innovation Inhibitors - Inspiring Leadership with Cross Industry Best Practices

For a Digital Transformation initiative to reach its full potential within an organization, several factors need to align. First, representatives from diverse functions and levels need to be engaged. This is to ensure diversity of perspectives and equity of voices in shaping enduring solutions.

Secondly, an idea management platform is foundational for agility, scalability, and repeatability. However,  cross-industry research shows that inhibitors of innovation lead to underperformance when it comes to digital transformation. So, what is missing?

In this webinar, we rounded up the top 10 inhibitors of innovation and discussed how specific mindset tools including Appreciative Inquiry and Storytelling Intelligence can address the psychology of innovation and lead to superior business outcomes.


Innovation is often considered part of the science of creativity.


It’s crucial for ideas to come from varied sources and perspectives.

Removing Innovation Inhibitors

November 2020 - Watch On Demand

Our Speakers

Dr DP Prakash

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Lisa Sibilia

Co-CEO & Co-Founder

Steve Reed

VP of North American Innovation

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