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Discover our powerful idea management software for capturing the collective intelligence of employees to generate ground-breaking results

Engage Your Employees to Deliver Groundbreaking Ideas With Q-ideate

Invite internal stakeholders to generate ideas for innovative new products & services

Foster employee engagement &
a start-up mentality to drive strategic transformation

Discover ideas for new markets, business opportunities, and revenue streams

Cultivate a culture of performance excellence to optimize internal processes

What The Experts Say...

"The world is changing so quickly that we need a paradigm shift in how we manage innovation. This shift requires us to transform our organizations and create successful innovation ecosystems."

"58% of business leaders stated that they plan to increase their investment in innovation and R&D, because innovation acceleration is one of the most reliable and attractive routes to competitive differentiation and growth."

"The pace of change nowadays requires companies to manage innovation in a more deliberate fashion. It should be clear to every employee what the company process is for testing ideas, and taking them to scale."

"An organization should have effective idea generation and development processes to create new offerings, both by generating a broad and diverse set of ideas and by converting these ideas into profitable business concepts."

Promote your Entire Employee Innovation Mission with Our Idea Management Software

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Utilize Innovation Management

Harness the collective intelligence of your employees to discover ideas which fast track your product development, technology, or services.

Promote Performance Excellence

Gather and implement ideas for process improvement and incremental innovations which accumulate to generate repeatable bottom-line results.

digital-transformation - idea management software

Drive Digital Transformation

Use our idea management software to leverage digital transformation and collaborate with your employees to promote intrapreneurship – which delivers business change. 

How Does it Work?

5 simple gateway stages to drive your idea & innovation management projects


Define campaigns which tackle your strategic business goals


Invite employees to submit ideas and collaborate digitally to enhance them


Invite experts to review and grade ideas according to predefined KPIs, and progress them automatically through your evaluation funnel


Easily manage the company-wide roll-out of your chosen ideas

Measure ROI & Reward

Use powerful analytics & reporting tools to measure & share your ROI

Q-ideate Process

Q-ideate: Unmatched Idea Management Software

All you could ask for from an idea management tool, and more…

Comprehensive role definition & permission control
Comprehensive role definition & permission control
Comprehensive role definition & permission control
Rich community
engagement tools
Comprehensive role definition & permission control
Fully multi-
Comprehensive role definition & permission control
Automated or manual idea evaluation workflows
Comprehensive role definition & permission control
Templates built on
best practices for quickly
getting started
Comprehensive role definition & permission control
Secured Single Sign On (SSO) for quick employee login
Comprehensive role definition & permission control
On-premise or
secured cloud
Comprehensive role definition & permission control
Advanced gamification
Comprehensive role definition & permission control
Multiple crowd-
voting tools
Comprehensive role definition & permission control
Powerful self-admin tools

Zooming in on Q-ideate

Innovation Management Platform

Solicit Ideas and Brainstorm Around Them

  • Gather ideas with targeted campaigns focusing on real business needs, or ask for random ideas with no specific theme.
  • Use built-in best practice templates or easily create your own submission forms with pre-set criteria and questions.
  • Use engaging collaboration methods, including crowd voting, gamification, and social functions to build better ideas together.

Effectively Evaluate Your Ideas

  • Use one of our best-practice evaluation process templates, or quickly configure ones to suit your company culture and needs.
  • Easily manage and track your idea pipeline with our feature-rich workflow wizard.
  • Involve and engage all the necessary stakeholders in your process, making sure they can effectively contribute to the end result.

Measure Your ROI

  • Built-in advanced search and filtration functionality, to track and analyze idea success rates.
  • A suite of rich analytics and reporting tools allowing you to measure and understand your user activity and optimize participation.
  • Manage ideas as projects, by assigning a project manager, selecting an implementation team, and allocating a budget.
  • A powerful 'sonar' visualization tool that allows you to gain a strategic perspective of all activity on your system.

Qmarkets' Product Editions

We offer all of our collective intelligence products in three unique editions, each of which is suited to companies at a different stage within their unique innovation journey.

Pre-built with our best practice evaluation process & field-proven at leading companies across the globe

Adjust our best-practice template to fit your unique company processes with our cutting edge self-admin tool

Leverage Qmarkets' professional services to configure a fully comprehensive solution to your exact enterprise-grade needs

Q-ideate Editions

Your Q-360 Suite of Collective Intelligence Solutions

Discover Qmarkets’ next-gen product portfolio, tailored to meet any business need or challenge.

Resounding Accolades

Discover why Qmarkets is consistently recognized by leading analysts as a multi-award winning solution.

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