Obsessed With Your Success

At Qmarkets, we’re committed to supporting you at every stage of your innovation journey. That’s why we offer a cutting-edge combination of customer success resources and experiences to ensure the ROI of your project is maximized. Our team are committed to ensuring you gain the innovation support you need to succeed.

Stand on the Shoulders of Giants

When you choose to work with Qmarkets, you’re choosing a team of dedicated experts with over ten years of experience helping the world’s most innovative companies to get the most out of their crowdsourcing platforms and projects.

Discover how you can leverage this invaluable expertise to gain innovation support and deliver bottom-line results for your company.


Finding The Right Fit For Your Company

Whether you are new to idea management, or an experienced innovation veteran, our team will make sure you are fully equipped to deliver results for your organization.

Check out the innovation
maturity of companies
who choose Qmarkets...
Where do you fit?
Companies whose requirements
have outgrown their under-
performing innovation platform
Companies who are managing
multiple innovation use-cases
across different platforms
Companies who are manually
managing employee ideation
projects (email, excel, etc.)
Companies who are using a
simplistic DIY system to
gather ideas
Companies who are only starting
to experiment with idea or
innovation management


Invaluable Insights On-Demand

Maximize ROI for your organization by optimizing the way you use your system.

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Innovation Community

Meet Your New Innovation Family

Want to gain reliable innovation support, discover industry best-practices, and share your own valuable insights? Join thought leaders and idea management practitioners in our innovation ecosystem.

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Professional Services

Sharpen Your Cutting Edge

Harness the collective experience of our expert team to supercharge your project for success.

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Feedback & Analysis

We're Here To Listen

With Qmarkets, you’re never alone. Whether you need technical assistance, or inspiration for an initiative, our innovation support team are there for you.

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to rock & roll
your innovation

Thats It!
Your Innovation
Program is Ready
to Rock & Roll!

Your End-to-End Customer Success Journey….

  • Kick-Start Workshop: Needs Gathering
  • Training for Launch Package
  • Kick-Start Workshop: Best Practices
  • Preparation for launch Newsletter
  • Initial Campaign
    Support & Post
    Campaign Debrief
  • Quarterly Review
  • Best Practices Newsletter
  • Community Webinars
  • Peer-to-Peer Sessions
  • Yearly Executive Briefing
  • Yearly Summary Workshop
  • Optimizer Newsletter
Scaling & Sustaining
Scaling & Sustaining
  • Community Webinars
  • Road Map Discussions
  • Yearly Executive Briefing
  • Peer-to-Peer Sessions
  • Professional Workshops for Strategic Scaling & Continuous Innovation

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

"Qmarkets is a key partner to successfully develop collaborative innovation in your organization... From technical to commercial Qmarkets teams, we always find the right person to understand our needs, propose and implement efficient solutions."

Matthieu Knibiehly
Collaborative Innovation Manager

"We were extremely pleased with the Qmarkets team, and would highly recommend their tool to anyone seeking to enhance participation within their organization or community."

David Hurford
Secretary of National Policies

"Qmarkets’ experience implementing similar systems in countless other companies around the globe was a great help... I see Qmarkets as a central system which supports the innovation process at the ISA."

Yael Weiss-Efron
Innovation Manager

“Qmarkets has helped us respond to the needs and expectations of our employees, allowing us to identify ideas which not only deliver financial gains but also improve the wellbeing and safety of our workforce.”

Ronan Minvielle
Innovation Manager

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