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Qmarkets’ customers cover a range of industries and geographies, with one thing in common – they choose to leverage the collective intelligence of their employees & customers to improve their business results. Each of these companies have used our software to produce truly outstanding innovation management examples, and demonstrate just how impactful the wisdom of the crowd can be.

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Why Do Leading Companies Choose Qmarkets?

“Qmarkets platform allows configuration of the idea management process tailored to our unique needs and goals. We’re seeing ROI in both savings and earnings, with ideas to improve processes, existing products and services, and even new businesses and markets. This is already delivering impact for us.”

Viki Almog-Ayzenberg
Business Innovation Manager

“We wanted to give our teams a simple, accessible, and engaging way to submit their ideas. But it was also important for us to choose a system that could be reconfigured to match our established workflow format, and Qmarkets represented the right solution.”

Gil Castillo
Senior Group Manager, Advanced Vehicle Strategy of Hyundai Motor America

“The Qmarkets platform is our primary product for launching employee innovation challenges globally. InGenius and Qmarkets have demonstrated a co-innovative relationship in combining a strong innovation process with the expanding role of an idea management platform.”

Nick De Blasio
Product Group Manager of Employee Innovation

“This platform provides a central backbone to the corporate strategic “FastForward” initiative I co-lead, contributing to the transformation of our company into a customer-centric obsessed, agile and entrepreneurial organization.”

Vincent Ducret
Head of FastForward Communities

“The Qmarkets platform has helped us to generate over 15,000 ideas, with a forecasted value of over $9.5 million.”

Lorenz Wyss
Head of Ideation & Idea Management

"Qmarkets was not only the most financially attractive, but also the most technically ergonomic solution which we found."

Jean-Philippe Mathes
Innovation Lab Director

"Qmarkets’ platform has helped us respond to the needs and expectations of our employees, allowing us to identify ideas which not only deliver financial gains but also improve the wellbeing and safety of our workforce."

Ronan Minvielle
Innovation Manager

"Out of 20 Innovation management vendors, Qmarkets was the only software which adapted perfectly to our needs."

Zdanek Houser

"Qmarkets is a key partner to successfully develop collaborative innovation in your organization... From technical to commercial Qmarkets teams, we always find the right person to understand our needs, propose and implement efficient solutions."

Matthieu Knibiehly
Collaborative Innovation Manager

"Intuitiveness is the hallmark of Qmarkets' idea management tool - we are pleasantly surprised to have not received a single support request from our end users since company-wide launch of the tool."

Dinakar Devireddy
Head Innovation & Knowledge Management

"I see Qmarkets as a central system which supports the innovation process at the Israel Securities Authority"

Yael Weiss-Efron
Innovation Manager

"Thanks to Qmarkets’ platform we contributed towards providing a better healthcare solution to those in need... The platform we have developed with Qmarkets is the most sophisticated health innovation exchange out there."

Tammy Holmes
Innovation & Adaption Programme Manager

"Overall we’ve seen a 14X ROI, and moving to the Qmarkets platform really helped us expedite those savings and returns… Our clients are feeling the impact, our senior leaders are certainly happy, and just as importantly our team members are excited in seeing the benefits come back to them."

James Addis
Director, Operational Excellence at a Leading Global Payment Solutions Provider

"The Qmarkets platform makes it easy to run hackathons, tournaments, and multiple innovation campaigns at scale. When embedded within an organization, it enables every brain to be brought into the game to generate value from new ideas. With the Qmarkets platform, leaders can relentlessly drive growth, productivity, and innovation ROI."

Dr. DP Prakash
Global Head of Innovation

"We’re really happy to be using Qmarkets’ idea crowdsourcing tool to help drive innovation at the DOT. The platform is going to allow a whole new level of engagement and transparency." 

Brian Worrel
Research Program Manager, Iowa Department of Transportation

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