Driving Innovation in the Transport Industry

As an industry that relies heavily on technological innovation, transport companies are facing increasing disruption across all markets. However, for the most innovative players this shift represents opportunity rather than adversity…

Key Challenges

Embracing the shift towards autonomous vehicles & digital transformation

Reducing the environmental footprint of products, services and operations

Showing compliance with increasing regulatory restrictions

Identify new technologies to fight disruption in an extremely competitive market

What The Experts Say...

"Out of 20 industries studied, the Transportation industry was the third most disrupted industry."

“By 2020, 10% of today's vehicle owners in mature urban markets will replace vehicle ownership with on-demand vehicle access.”

"Commercial transportation companies can no longer expect to be insulated from competition. Yet only 28 percent of the industry can claim a high level of digitization today."

Surviving Disruption in the
Transportation Industry

Innovation in the transport industry is shifting into high gear across the board – from vehicle manufacturing to public transport. Disruptive factors – such as advanced new technologies, environmental regulations, and the emergence of autonomous vehicles –  mean that companies in the sector must constantly adapt. By having a well-oiled idea management system in place, transport companies can discover and fine tune powerful ideas to meet the ever-changing needs of customers. Innovation management can also help companies in the transportation sector pinpoint emerging technologies, and crowdsource insights for resolving key challenges – such as traffic congestion or the need for sustainable fuels. The following are just a few examples of how innovation management can yield major benefits for the transport industry.

Innovation in the Transportation Industry - Digital Transformation

Fueling Digital Transformation & Innovation

Create a digital ecosystem which can break down information silos, engage internal stakeholders, and rev up innovation in the transport industry.

Fostering Process Improvement

Involve employees in initiatives which deliver incremental innovations in order to help your company reduce waste, optimize products and services, and improve overall supply chain innovation.

Citizen Engagement Tools - performance excellence
Innovation in the Transportation Industry - Scouting


Identify opportunities for Mergers & Acquisitions of nascent technologies, talented people, and innovative technology startups in order to deliver disruptive innovations for your organization.


Invite internal or external experts to participate in a collaborative time-intensive contest, designated to identify solutions for your most crucial innovation and technology challenges.


Leading Transport Companies Choose Qmarkets

Discover how your organization can leverage collective intelligence to tackle your ongoing challenges and meet your strategic goals.

  • innovation management examples - hyundai

Here's why...

“We wanted to give our teams a simple, accessible, and engaging way to submit their ideas. But it was also important for us to choose a system that could be reconfigured to match our established workflow format, and Qmarkets represented the right solution.”

Gil Castillo
Senior Group Manager, Advanced Vehicle Strategy of Hyundai Motor America

"Qmarkets’ platform allows us to streamline and amplify our innovation management processes, and we’re extremely pleased with the ideas and engagement levels it has generated so far."

Ariane Affolter
Project Manager of Corporate Development

Qmarkets’ Feature Benefits
for Transport Organizations

Multi-lingual translation for global users

Multi-tenacy & subsystems for creating unique processes to fit to different divisions within companies with tens of thousands of employees

Advanced suite of analytics and reporting tools per geography, division, or department

Customizable design to fit your brand identity

Integrations with legacy systems and external platforms (SSO, Jive, Yammer, etc.)

Configure workflows to fit your company’s exact requirements

Responsive design for engaging blue-collar users on mobile devices

Your Q-360 Suite of Collective Intelligence Solutions

Discover Qmarkets’ next-gen product portfolio, tailored to meet any business need or challenge.

Discover How Ford is Fuelling Sustainable Innovation

In this blog, we cover how some of Qmarkets’ largest global customers – Ford, Solvay, and ESB – are leveraging process improvement and sustainable innovation to drive market-disrupting initiatives. 

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