Igniting Innovation in the Energy Sector

In the 21st century, mankind is constantly striving to discover renewable energy sources, while also finding new ways to efficiently utilize the resources already at hand. Innovation in the energy sector increasingly being shaped by the need to meet rising demands while reducing emissions. To withstand disruption, energy companies must stay ahead of the pack and overcome increasingly volatile business challenges.

Key Challenges

Discovering innovative technologies to boost new revenue streams

Compliance with increased environmental regulatory restrictions

Finding differentiation in a highly competitive homogeneous market

Digitizing services and processes  to become more

What The Experts Say....

"European integrated utilities remain significantly challenged by technological disruption and uncertain energy policies."

“By 2021, 20% of investor-owned electric utilities will choose to exit from competitive retail energy markets as a strategic response to digital disruption.”

Surviving Disruption in the
Energy & Utilities Industry

To meet the increasing demands of the modern industrialized world, innovation in the energy sector must overcome many significant challenges. Most importantly, it will be crucial to  efficiently harness renewable energy sources – such as solar and wind – to reduce carbon emissions in a way that is both sustainable and cost effective. By leveraging the power of crowdsourcing, companies in the energy sector can harness the innovative potential needed to address these looming obstacles.

Innovation in the Energy Sector - power inc

Digital Transformation

Create a digital ecosystem which can act as the foundation of your transformation strategy by engaging internal stakeholders and cultivating a culture of innovation across the company.


In addition to being ideal for identifying emergent technologies, tech-scouting will help you pinpoint opportunities for lucrative mergers & acquisitions. It can also help you to discover innovative entrepreneurs and startups to partner with.

Innovation in the Energy Sector - Scouting
Innovation in the Energy Sector - Performance Excellence

Performance Excellence

Involve your employees in initiatives that deliver incremental innovation to help the company increase waste-efficiency, save costs, optimize energy production, and improve services.


Leading Energy Companies Choose Qmarkets

Discover how your organization can leverage collective intelligence to tackle your ongoing challenges and meet your strategic goals.

Here's why...

“Qmarkets has helped us respond to the needs and expectations of our employees, allowing us to identify ideas which not only deliver financial gains but also improve the wellbeing and safety of our workforce.”

Ronan Minvielle
Innovation Manager

"Qmarkets offered the perfect combination of features and functionality that would meet all of Total’s requirements."

Morgan Ohayon
Project Manager

Qmarkets’ Feature Benefits
for Energy Organizations

Configure workflows to fit to corporate requirements

Multi-tenancy & subsystems for creating unique processes to fit to different divisions within companies with tens of thousands of employees

Automated communication and  intelligent notifications to effectively engage system users

Customizable design to fit your brand identity

Multi-lingual translation for global users

Light project management module built-in, or optional full PM integration 

Responsive design for engaging users on mobile devices

Your Q-360 Suite of Collective Intelligence Solutions

Discover Qmarkets’ next-gen product portfolio, tailored to meet any business need or challenge.

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