Smart City Innovation

With cities home to over 50% of the global population, reacting to citizen challenges is simply not enough. Municipalities must stay ahead of the game, connecting with citizens and innovating to continue meeting their evolving needs.

Key Challenges

Facing an increasing demand for citizen engagement and involvement

Keeping pace with the digital and innovative evolution of society

Reducing costs and optimizing municipality processes and services

Upholding transparency and accountability to concerned citizenry 

What The Experts Say...

"The desire for digital communication channels and transparency in city services is strong. A large number of citizens (51%) want wider access to digital platforms to enable them to communicate with government."

"The way forward today is a community-driven, bottom-up approach where citizens are an integral part of designing and developing smart cities. Citizen engagement is critical."

"To create interactive smart city services, cities need to be closer to the citizen demands and sentiments. Therefore, city governments need to establish a more customer-oriented mentality."

"City planners and policymakers must keep the big picture in mind when promoting smart cities, emphasizing well-implemented infrastructure and citizen needs."

Leveraging the Wisdom of Crowds to Digitally Transform your City

In this era of unprecedented urban growth, citizen interconnectivity, and climate change, smart city innovation is set to play a progressively central role in both public and private spheres. Municipalities will increasingly need to harness the power of big data, IoT, and alternative energy sources to address civic challenges and exploit new opportunities. By using crowdsourcing tools, governments and businesses alike can glean insights for crafting smart city innovation initiatives that will improve the quality of life for citizens. Everything from waste management, to transportation, to security and healthcare stand to benefit extensively from the power of crowdsourcing – making it an indispensable practice for smart cities around the world. 

smart city innovation office

Transform Citizen Engagement

Base your decisions on the true needs of your constituents, inviting them to brainstorm around the issues which matter the most to them, co-creating to find new solutions.

Scout Innovation for Your City

Capture the ingenuity and innovation of the private sector’s startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem to empower your city or municipal office.

smart city innovation scouting
Citizen Engagement Tools - performance excellence

Boost Performance Excellence

Use a crowdsourcing platform to amplify smart city innovation by utilizing the collective intelligence of your civic employees. Identify ways to become more efficient and effective, resulting in accumulative savings reaching into the millions of dollars.


Leading Public Sector Organizaions and Municipalities Choose Qmarkets

Discover how your organization can leverage collective intelligence to tackle your ongoing challenges and meet your strategic goals.

Here's why...

“Qmarkets' software was chosen by the Israeli Ministry of Social Equality's- Digital Israel initiative to run their Smart City campaign."

Qmarkets’ Feature Benefits
for Municipal Organizations

Intelligent crowd-voting tools to effectively engage your community

Intuitive gamification features to increase citizen participation

Responsive design for engaging users on mobile devices

Customizable & tailored to your brand identity

Configure workflows to fit your city’s precise requirements

Integrations with legacy systems and social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)

Strong security credentials and confidentiality permissions

Your Q-360 Suite of Collective Intelligence Solutions

Discover Qmarkets’ next-gen product portfolio, tailored to meet any business need or challenge.

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