Innovation Hackathons For Uncovering Great Ideas

Launching a major innovation initiative that will involve your entire organization can be intimidating. However, one of the most simple and effective ways to overcome this fear – and kick-start the new initiative – is to invite all employees to take part in an innovation hackathon or intrepeneurship competition.

Key Challenges of
Offline Hackathon Competitions

How to reduce the drastic loss in productivity resulting from a company-wide event

How to guarantee that employees in different locations will participate in your innovation event

How to filter through thousands of ideas and evaluate them to identify the most valuable ones

How to sustain innovation and ensure your hackathon isn’t just a one-time ‘innovation theatre’

What The Experts Say...

"CIOs can use external hackathons to change culture, improve customer experience, find new revenue opportunities, reduce costs, engage new ecosystems and improve talent management."

"Hackathons demonstrate to employees that innovation is not only welcomed but also expected. Well-run hackathons lead to concrete ideas for new products and processes that can improve the customer experience and increase growth."

"What really generates mass participation is when companies attract audiences to co-creation with multiple appeals. A contest to draw game lovers is also likely to entice people who want social recognition."

The Ultimate Innovation Hackathon Platform

An innovation hackathon is a powerful way to generate value-driving ideas by bringing out the competitive spirit of your internal or external stakeholders. By implementing a contest within clearly-established parameters and a set period of time, you can incentivise hackathon participants to solve problems and co-create submissions for new products, services, and process improvements. These submissions can then be judged and developed by a panel of experts – who will ultimately select which ideas are developed. The following are just a few reasons why innovation hackathons are great for involving employees or customers within your innovation culture. 

Overcome the Geographic Barriers of Innovation Competition Events

Enable your employees to easily take part in a company-spanning, time-sensitive company innovation hackathon using our digital platform.

Transcend Traditional Innovation Competitions

Utilize our innovation hackathon platform to approach your employees before your innovation contest to help develop their ideas, or allow your experts and decision makers to digitally evaluate ideas until they are crystalized into projects that deliver bottom line ROI.

Involve External Ecosystem Stakeholders

Open your innovation contests to entrepreneurs, start-ups, expert communities, academic researchers, partners, and customers. Harness their collective intelligence while showcasing the innovative culture of your brand to the world.

Discover: Q-open

Leverage Engaging Evaluation Techniques

Boost your hackathon engagement through exciting social gamification tools, amplify expert evaluation through intelligent crowdvoting techniques, or even invigorate your hackathon finalists with a virtual ‘shark-tank’ idea pitch stage.


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