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Amer Sports Wins Innov’acteurs’ 2017 Gold Award for Collaborative Innovation.

Qmarkets would like to congratulate Amer Sports on winning the prestigious Gold Award for Collaborative Innovation from Innov’acteurs.

Powered by Qmarkets’ award-winning idea and innovation management software, Amer Sports IDEAS (Innovation Drives Evolution at Amer Sports) initiative was the winner of Innov’acteurs’ 2017 Gold Award for Collaborative Innovation.

Launched in 2015, IDEAS is Amer Sports’ innovation initiative, using the power of crowdsourcing to harness the innovative potential of   thousands of Amer Sports employees. Over 1,500 ideas were submitted across 30 campaigns. As of the time of the winning of the award, over 100 ideas had been selected for implementation, each idea worth an average of €23,000. 


In the path leading up to winning the award, Amer Sports’ Annecy Design Center (ADC) was visited by a delegation from Innov’acteurs in order to audit IDEAS. This audit included a close examination of the tools and processes of the innovation project, as well as the outcomes. In addition, the Innov’acteurs delegation interviewed employees. It was the combined results of this audit which led the jury to choose Amer Sports the Gold Award for Collaborative Innovation!

Amer Sports’ Matthieu Knibiehly receiving the award.

Standing out to the Innov’acteurs delegation was the high level of commitment shown by the employees of Amer Sports, (over 50% participation in ADC, 30% among the workers in factories in Austria and Bulgaria), as well as the wide range and variety of topics discussed during the Call for Ideas (Operational Excellence, Employee Commitment, Sustainability, Products and Services Innovation). Also noted by Innov’acteurs was the involvement of multiple sites in different countries, involving the numerous brands which constitute the Amer Sports brand.  Particular attention was paid to the originality of IDEAS corners, dedicated areas with notice boards and tablets which employees could use to participate in the innovation project.

“Participating in this competition was a good opportunity to get external feedback from a renowned organization.” Shared Matthieu Knibiehly, the Collaborative Innovation Manager at Amer Sports.

Amer Sports is the second consecutive Qmarkets customer to win this prestigious award, after Europe’s largest transmission systems operator and energy supplier, RTE, won the award in 2016.

To learn more about the collaboration between Amer Sports and Qmarkets, read the case study below. 

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